Maybe I should explain a little about the title and what will be the main focus of this blog so you can maybe post a message, read an article, open a link or delete me and move on!

  • Do you like collecting interesting objects?
  • Do you love travelling to exotic and varied far off lands looking for new adventures and maybe objects of interest for your collection?
  • Does your house look more like an art gallery or museum than a home?
  • Are you artistic or interested in an unusual subject that led to a collection of unique objects?
  • Maybe I can begin by relating a little about me and why I write about collecting linked with travel?

Most of my working life I have organised tours for school groups all over the world. Usually they have a cultural/educational nature and an attempt to give the students an insight into the life and beat of the city they are visiting so they leave feeling they have experienced more than the usual tourist visitor. Also I have organised and directed summer camps and programmes in various European countries. I did a BA in Art History and also taught tennis and skiingmainly to children.
While travelling as a tour leader/guide I had time for shopping and visiting markets etc. so began to buy various objects of interest that later led to collections as I went back and started hunting! I recently realised that apart from art there was ONE interesting theme that linked my collections – an interest in HISTORY. Examples of some collections I have formed that now lie in boxes, or on walls or display cabinets:

  • Chinese Mao Red Books
  • Chinese Revolutionary posters
  • Chinese children’s art
  • Mao Zedong medals
  • Lenin School books and Soviet Memorabilia
  • Lenin pins and soviet medals
  • Ida Bagus Panji [Balinese]
  • Balinese hand made carvings and jewellery
  • French naif primitive folk art
  • Russian lacquer boxes (specially portraits by Fedoskinoh school)
  • Russian paintings
  • Russian nesting dolls and Metal Figures
  • Lomonosov Porcelain Sports figures
  • Parian English busts
  • Art deco

After 20 years of intense collecting as I travelled (mainly outside Europe) my intensity, space and money ran low so I almost stopped and now I am much more selective! I also was affected when meeting a Thai monk who posessed a monks robe chest and told me to remember that we are born and die with NOTHING! Anyway it has been fun and I even made a profit sometimes when selling all or parts of a collection. As I look atmy large cluttered flat I envy those with minimalist lifestyles who travel with one small bag……..one day maybe……
Future articles will be about specific subjects above and visits to various countries with some unusual experiences and also about the love of collecting and why we do it!
If you have any info or stories related specially to the above subjects or just in general related to the theme do share them here. maybe we can form a GROUP of persons interested in collecting while they travel!! It is a great and interesting combination and gives you also a better insight and understanding about a country and its culture and people.
Happy hunting and travel adventures………come back with something interesting and maybe you too will form a collection and lifetime new interest or pursuit! Who knows?